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I woke up with a terrible pain in the rectum. I opened my eyes and saw that he put me in the anal screwdriver. In the upper part of the vagina had a bottle of beer. When I wanted to see, to take it out, I noticed that I was tied, and he disappeared. He spent eight hours in solitude. With a bottle of beer in the vagina and anus with a screwdriver. Covered in blood and vomit. Swollen like a boxer after losing a fight. When he returned took pity on me. He took me to the stuff and told her to get dressed. He fed me and went to watch TV.

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He took with him a couple of bottles of beer, so I quickly realized that I have to run away again, or else it will do. The worst thing is that I felt the dampness in her panties. It sure got my period. I broke down and started crying. After half an hour he came, fucked like starling. He tore my clothes and smiled ironically, seeing that I have my period. He took off his pants and began to massage his penis.

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